WordPress Care Plans.

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How it Works

Our WordPress Care Plans include performance and security optimizations designed to keep your website running at peak performance. This helps improve your SEO ranking and increases conversion rates. Before we take on a new site, we evaluate to make sure your site is clear of any malware and that our service will actually improve your performance.

Prices Starting at $180/month

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All plans include a 30-day trial period. Your card will not be charged until your site has approved for migration to our servers.

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Onboarding Questionnaire

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Step 4

Application Review

Our team will review your Care Plan Application. Once approved, we’ll process the migration and help you adjust any necessary DNS settings.

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There are many great hosting options available for WordPress. Some costing next to nothing. But the unfortunate state of the industry is you often get what you pay for with hosting.

Many of these “Managed Care Plans” only include server upkeep, but do nothing to address the actual performance of your website, which is usually the culprit in instances of slow or buggy sites.

Our WordPress Care Plans maintain high-performance VPS servers with highly-optimized WordPress specific stacks, but also include on-site performance and security optimizations designed to keep your website running faster. This results in increases to pagespeed which can help improve your SEO ranking and increase conversion rates.

WordPress is a robust platform with a large ecosystem of plugins, which means no two sites are the same. Add to that, many developers don’t properly educate their customer on how to keep their website updated. This results in many clients unknowingly using neglected, slow, glitchy sites, or in the worst examples virus and malware infestations.

When we onboard a new site we perform security scans and performance enhancements to help the site run better. If you think of your website site like a car, this is the equivalent of a high-performance tune-up.

The application review process gives us the ability to inspect your site to ensure that we can improve your website performance.

No, we will not make any changes to your site’s front-end. If we need to perform any pre-migration tests we will clone your site to a private staging environment and complete those tests there so they will never impact the availability or performance of your live website.

Usually if a site is rejected it means we have discovered major issues with the site, such as:

  • Viruses
  • Malware
  • Outdated plugins that are no longer being maintained
  • Premium plugins or themes where the license has lapsed and needs to be renewed
  • Violations of our terms of use / Improper content

Where possible, we provide a quote, referral or recommendation to remedy these issues so your site will get accepted.